Bondi Of The West

By the end of the 1930s, Scarborough Beach had become a popular seaside due largely to the Perth Road Board’s investment in infrastructure. The Scarboro Surf Club regularly patrolled the beaches ensuring the safety of swimmers, the beach wall ensured a long stretch of white sand and the newly bitumenised Promenade housed a number of shops including tea rooms and ice cream shops to feed the masses.

“You’d have about 40 or 50 families here over the summer.” Reminisces local resident Stan Bessen. “There was always a sandcastle competition and the surf club organized races for the kids. It was a real community. I was always sad when everyone packed up and went back home at the end of the summer.”

Click on this link Bondi of the West to read an article from The Daily News, January 1939, proclaiming Scarborough Beach to be “The Bondi of Western Australia”

Newspaper articles found in Trove reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

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