Peters By The Sea

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Peters By The Sea, and Zanders, are the oldest buildings on The Esplanade. This shop was built by the Kakulus Family in 1954. Peter Kakulus already had a shop in the city, Peter’s Greengrocers, so it was only natural to call this shop Peter’s By The Sea. There is a local rumour of The Kakulus Family versus Alan Bond, that they refused to sell out to developers because they didn’t agree with what they were doing, but in actual fact the family felt they would be better off hanging on to the land. The family only operated the story for a few years before renting it out. Each tenant has carried on the traditions of the business and is reknowned for their souvlakis and special hamburgers.

Then – Peter’s By The Sea

3 thoughts on “Peters By The Sea

  1. Grew up In Innaloo in the 50/60s walking distance to Scarborough beach and the iconic” Peters by the Sea”, there hamburgers & fish & chips are legendary, can always remember the Rocket, a block off ice cream covererd with chocolates Bliss!!

  2. I worked with local butcher and supplied all the meat and cooking fat .That was 1956
    Great memories.

    Mick ryan on said:
  3. Still come to Peter’s by the sea…..great kebabs burgers and fish and chips….👍🏻😄❤

    Anne Ley on said:

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